Account Limits

Why am I being told I've reached my deposit limit?

In accordance with state requirements, FanDuel has enacted deposit limit... Read more

Can I apply a limit to the amount I deposit?

Yes – You can set self-imposed limits to your account on our Account Lim... Read more

Can I set a maximum entry fee?

Yes – You can set a maximum entry fee on our Account Limits page. From t... Read more

How do I limit the number of contests I can enter?

You can set a limit to the number of contests you can enter on our Accou... Read more

Self Exclusion

How can FanDuel help me manage my play?

If you're having trouble managing the amount that you play on FanDuel, y... Read more

What is self-exclusion?

Here at FanDuel, we take responsible play management very seriously, and... Read more

How can I exclude my account?

We offer the ability for users to self-exclude their FanDuel account for... Read more

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