Can I play in eSports contests from Michigan?

Due to state regulations, residents of Michigan are not eligible to ente... Read more

Are There Positional Limits for Best Ball?

In short, yes. Best Ball team limits will be as follows:  4 Quarterback... Read more

Where Can I Watch CS:Go Matches?

You can find everything CS:GO scoring related, including their live stre... Read more

What is CS:GO?

CS:GO or Counter Strike: Global Offensive, is a team based computer game... Read more

Where can I watch League of Legends (LoL) games?

You can find everything League of Legends related, including their live ... Read more

Will the League of Legends (LoL) live scoring be delayed and where can I find the stats?

Although live scoring won’t be in the live time you are accustomed to, w... Read more

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Friends Mode

How To Video: Creating a Friends Mode League

Read more

How do I play with my friends?

FanDuel offers a few different ways you can play with your friends! Crea... Read more

What is a Friends Mode League?

A Friends Mode League is a new way to play with a group of friends on Fa... Read more

How do I make a Friends Mode league?

To create a Friends Mode League, you'll start by clicking the 'Friends' ... Read more

How do I invite others to a Friends Mode league?

While viewing your league, tap 'Add Friends'. From there, you can either... Read more

How do I remove a member from my league?

Available only on web for now. Here are some steps to help you remove me... Read more

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Free to Play

What is the PlayAction?

PlayAction is a FREE to play game that turns every quarter of NFL action... Read more

What is the Gridiron Pick'em?

Our Gridiron Pick’em is a FREE weekly contest where all you need to do i... Read more

What is The Ringer Mega Contest?

Every week you’ll select 5 teams to beat the spread, including one Doubl... Read more

What sports are offered for Snake Drafts?

For our launch we’re proud to offer the following sports: NBA, MLB, NHL ... Read more

Can I Create a Private Snake Draft?

At this current time users are not able to create their own Snake Draft ... Read more

Do you offer multi-entry Snake Drafts?

All Snake Drafts are single entry contests and no user may enter more th... Read more

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