Rewards & Vouchers

What is the rewards center and what rewards are available to me?

The Rewards Center is where you can monitor and view all rewards that ar... Read more

What are Vouchers?

A Voucher is a free entry into a contest, which must be redeemed before ... Read more

Where is my Play Bonus?

With your first deposit to FanDuel, you received a bonus in your FanDuel... Read more

Where can I find my vouchers?

If you’re using mobile or desktop web devices, vouchers can be redeemed ... Read more

I'm already registered for FanDuel and would like to use a promo code. Where can I enter it?

Promo codes are only for new users. We hope you used one to get a little... Read more

I received a Play Bonus when I made my first deposit. What does that mean?

Welcome to FanDuel! If you signed up after November 10th, 2019, you rece... Read more

FanDuel Point Players Club

What is the players club?

The FanDuel Players Club is our way of thanking you for being a loyal fa... Read more

How do I move up a level in the players club?

Your FanDuel Players Club level is determined by how much FDP you earned... Read more

What are FanDuel Points (FDPs)?

FanDuel Points (FDP) are our way of giving you extra. Extra entries, ext... Read more

How do I earn FanDuel Points and how much are they worth?

You earn 5 FDP for every $1 you spend to enter a paid contest. And you c... Read more

Referrals & Other Promotions

Does FanDuel Offer a First Time Deposit Bonus?

Our current offer for new users is to receive an instant 20% bonus of yo... Read more

Pending Bonus

Through the end of 2015, we offered all deposit bonuses and special offe... Read more

What promotions are currently available?

We always have a variety of different promotions running at any given ti... Read more

How do I earn cash by referring friends?

By referring a friend to FanDuel, you'll earn $10 and your friend will e... Read more

What does my recruit have to do to be eligible for the referral bonus?

In order to be eligible for our Referral program, your recruit must veri... Read more

How do I refer friends?

All valid referral methods are described in the Referral Center. These m... Read more

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