How is FanDuel Handling Suspended MLB Games? (2020)

Due to a shortened MLB season, the official rules regarding suspended... Read more

Where Can I See the Lines and What Races Do These Horses Come From?

All of our pricing is based on FanDuel Racing’s opening odds. You can vi... Read more

Can I Bet on Horse Racing?

FanDuel is running a free contest for you, where you choose one horse fr... Read more

How Are Rosters Formatted for Horse Racing?

Horse racing rosters will depend on how many races are scheduled for tha... Read more

How Does FanDuel Determine the Price of the Horses?

The roster will be tiered out by race, and horses will be priced based o... Read more

What are the Rules for UFC Contests?

Fighters are scored on the following categories with corresponding point... Read more

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Live Scoring

Why Hasn't Korean Baseball Scores Updated Yet?

Although live scoring won’t be in the live time you are accustomed to, s... Read more

Tennis - What Happens For a Lucky Loser Match

During a Lucky Loser scenario a Replacement Opponent, or "Lucky Loser", ... Read more

What is the star that I see beside certain FanDuel players?

Those are experienced player badges. They’re used to identify players wi... Read more

How are contest scores calculated?

Contest scoring is specific to each sport. But as a general rule, the be... Read more

Why are some of my opponents’ players hidden?

In short, it’s to keep contests fair and balanced. The ‘hidden player’ ... Read more

Can players score points in categories that don't usually apply to their position?

It depends on the sport and the position. NFL: Offensive players will sc... Read more

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When will I receive bonus funds from contests?

Bonus cash won in a contest is manually credited by our operations team,... Read more

Do I have to pay taxes on my FanDuel winnings?

Yes. If you have net earnings of $600 or more on FanDuel over the course... Read more

What happens if I tie?

The tied users split the total value of the prizes awarded for all the t... Read more

The games are all over and I won. So why is 'My Account' not showing my winnings?

Before we can settle contests, all box scores must be finalized. Because... Read more

Can I redeem or trade in tickets for cash?

No, tickets are not redeemable for cash value. Once you use a ticket to ... Read more

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