How to Reserve an Entry?

To utilize the Reserve an Entry feature, simply head to any contest and ... Read more

I won a ticket in a Satellite contest - How do I use it?

Tickets are typically won in a satellite contest and are entries into sp... Read more

What is OPRK and where can I find it?

OPRK or Opponent Rank is simply how well the opposing team is at defendi... Read more

How do I enter a contest?

Entering a contest is simple. 1. Choose a contest There are tons of dif... Read more

Can I create my own contest?

Yes! You can create your own contest directly from the FanDuel Lobby. To... Read more

How do I cancel an entry?

We get it, sometimes that lineup isn't right and you need to cancel an e... Read more

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Can I change my lineup after I've entered a contest?

Yes, you can edit any lineup prior to the scheduled start time of the co... Read more

What is late swap?

Late Swap is a feature that gives you the flexibility to edit your playe... Read more

When is the latest I can swap a player?

That depends on whether you have entered a late swap contest or not - we... Read more

What kind of edits can I make with late swap?

The Late Swap feature allows you to edit a lineup after a contest has st... Read more

How do I edit with a .CSV file?

We've recently added the .CSV Edit feature, which allows you to edit all... Read more

I forgot to set my lineup. What can I do?

If you forget to set your lineup for a Friends Mode Championship prior t... Read more

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XFL Roster Structure

XFL contests have a different roster format than our NFL and NCAAF offer... Read more

What are XFL Rules and Scoring?

The XFL Rules and Scoring will differ slightly  from the NFL and NCAAF r... Read more

Do you offer Late Swap for NBA?

We will not be offering Late Swap or Best Ball formats for the 2019 NBA ... Read more

Is Best Ball back for the 2019 NBA Season?

We’re returning to our traditional NBA format for the 2019 season. That ... Read more

What is the Scoring Format for NBA contests?

We’re returning to our traditional NBA format for the 2019 season. That ... Read more

How can I tell if a contests has late swap?

It’s easy to identify late swap contests. Simply look for the unlocked p... Read more

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